Film Quarterly Dossier: The New Disability Media

Edited by Faye Ginsburg, B. Ruby Rich, and Lawrence Carter-Long

A light-skinned African-American man sits on the New York subway with his eyes closed.  He wears a blue denim jacket and grips a white cane with both hands.

An Introduction

Faye Ginsburg and B. Ruby Rich

Backdating the Crip Technoscience Manifesto: Stephen Dwoskin’s Digital Activism

Jenny Chamarette

Listening in Crip Time: Toward a Countertheory of Documentary Access

Pooja Rangan

The General Audience Talks Back: Code of the Freaks and the Evolution of Hollywood Shaming Documentaries

Slava Greenberg

Scores: Carolyn Lazard’s Crip Minimalism

Mara Mills and Neta Alexander

Vision Portraits: Rodney Evans and Rites of Passage into Blindness

Arseli Dokumaci

Disability Cinema’s Next Wave: Observational Agency Subverts the Ableist Gaze

Lawrence Carter-Long

Dossier: The New Disability Media- Accessible Issue

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